Lit Links: June 9th 2008

compass.jpgTwenty-three cases where the book was beter than the film. Surely there are more than 23! Who can think of cases where the film was as good as (or better than!) the book?

The Pop-up bookshop. Before our keen Sabuda and Carter collectors get too excited, it’s not a shop that sells pop-up books but a portable book shop that pops up. (Try saying that ten times fast.) What a clever idea.

Say How? How to pronounce the names of authors and various other public figures.

comma-sutra.jpgThe Comma Sutra shirt, if you like inappropriate punctuation. (Which reminds me, I was in my native UK last week, and just could not believe the amount of punctuation abuse that goes on there! Don’t they teach British kids how to use the apostrophe any more?)

An interesting thesis about visually representing world tourism: travel-guide-thesis.jpg“Using data from the UN World Tourism Organization I made a guidebook to every country in the world. The number of pages in each book corresponds to the number of tourist arrivals in that country in 2005. When viewed on a shelf, one year’s worth of ‘experience’ is presented in a condensed physical model that can be shifted and rearranged to visualize where tourists travel and where they don’t.”

rd2dunecover.jpgWhen Sci-Fi series outstay their welcome. Is there a point at which some sci-fi writers should just stop writing their most popular series? How many installments is too many?

The English Pen World Atlas is a site where you can see what books were written in or about the country you live in (or want to visit). The site is dependent on user input, so content is a little sparse, but it will be one to watch. And you could always help them out by adding to the database!

And finally, just what you always needed to know: How to make a handbag out of your old hardcovers.


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