Evergreens: ABC’s Best Ever Books

altijdgroenIn 2007 ABC celebrated its 35th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we chose 35 outstanding books that had been an intrinsic part of ABC since we opened in 1972 : ABC Evergreens.

 We think these books are so great that we want everyone to have a chance to read them, so we’ve lowered their price as much as we can, and we’ve made them easy to find in our stores by displaying them prominently and giving them all an Evergreen stamp. The list has more than doubled in size since 2007, but the criteria remains the same: great reads at a great price!


atlas shrugged slaughterhouse five new york trilogy' pillars of the earthbook of longingthe wind up bird chronicle curious incident shantaramalchemist what is the what bourne identity catcher in the ryecatch 22 on the road the road extremely loud

Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

1984vampire chroniclesgame thronesultimate hitchhikers guidesnow crashfoundationhouse of leavesmagician's appreticeassassins apprentivcewizards first rulegood omensblade runnercolour of magicduneneuromancerenders game

Psychology, Philosophy & Spirituality

awaken the giant withinartists wayplato platypusart of warzen motorcycletuesdays with morriepower of nowdefinitive book of body languagemen are from mars7 habits gettting things doneart of happiness dalai lamahow to walk in high heelshow to win friends and influence peoplewhat should i do with my life


short history nearly everythinggodel escher bachgod delusionelegant universesurely youre joking mr feynman

History & Culture

Amsterdam geert mak undutchablesembarrassment of richesisland at the center of the worldguns germs steelfear and loathing

Sociology, Politics and Economics

black swanfreakonomicstipping pointliars pokerwealth of nationsrich dad poor dad

Comics & Graphic Novels

bunny suicidesCalvin and Hobbescomplete mauswatchmen

Children’s Fiction

Anne of green gablesoh the places you'll gowhere wild thingscomplete narnia

Everything Else

zombie survival guidepostsecretsas survival guidestory of oanne frankdirt motley crue