Lit Links: Our Irregular Round Up of Book Stuff

Today’s Theme: The Art of The Novel

Mike Stilkey stacks up old books, often chosing titles that fit the idea he has in mind. And then paints on them. Pictures of rangy, doubtful looking types, reminscent of Edward Gorey. Each piece stands alone, but arranged as a group across a gallery wall, they become something else altogether.

Fore-Edge Painting sounds like something to snigger at. But it’s really something very lovely.

Will Ashford disassembles books – Ralph Waldo Emerson books in particular, and transforms single pages into poetic artworks using colored vellums, graphite and India ink to hilight or obscure words.

Picture Book Report is a blog where fifteen illustrators express their love for books by creating beautiful pieces of art in response to their favourite texts. The list of books covered is fairly small and centered round the sort of books that have turned millions onto reading for life (The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy for example.) I hope they expand the list of titles and the number of artists taking part in the future; there are so many possibilities!

We’ve seen it done before, but never on this scale:  20,000 books arranged by color. This thrills the slightly autistic little corners of me that other bookcases cannot reach.