What We’re Reading: Den Haag Edition

The Amsterdam Edition will come tomorrow or the day after!

EsterSammy’s Hill by Kristin “Daughter of Al” Gore.  It’s a pure RomCom and absolutely perfect for my busy days right now!  I love it.

NyjoleneThe Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray.  Superb!  Part 3 of a trilogy (part 1 is A Great and Terrible Beauty, part 2 is Rebel Angels).  It’s quite scary, but a keeper nonetheless.  The main character is 16 and she’s sassy and witty.  Love it!

TomThe Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Recommended to me by Nyjolene, and I’m finding it quite interesting.

RonZThe Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton.  Part 2 of the Void trilogy.  I only have time to read just before I go to bed, so I’m taking a looong time over his books.

SophieTai-Pan by James Clavell and Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin.  I started Tai-Pan a few times before, having loved and read Shogun several times, but I always stalled.  Now I’m definitely going to finish; I’m all caught up in the intrigues and mid-nineteenth century Hong Kong.  Strong characters (both male and female), and a cracking story filled with all-powerful merchants, concubines, the complexities of the tea-opium-bullion trade back then, and everyone trying to one-up everyone else.  I’m also slowly finishing up Winter’s Tale.  It’s a beautiful book, that ambles along pleasantly at the moment, filled with marvelous characters (Peter Lake, Pearly Soames and his Short Tails, a magical white horse, the Baymen, Beverly Penn – all of them with a rich and detailed backstory).  Until it will pull me in completely and I’ll have to finish it in one setting – I have a feeling it’s that kind of book.  Helprin’s language is oh so beautiful; another reason I’m going slowly is because I’m truly savoring it!