ABC Meets: Ellen Grift, author

Author Ellen Grift will launch her book Hot Drop Spots at ABC Amsterdam on Saturday May 8th at the American Book Center. 

Ellen will present and sign her book in our store from 3pm onwards.

Hot Drop Spots is a full colour inventory of Amsterdam’s most inspiring rest rooms and pays homage to the owners, designers and decorators of these porcelain gems.’

After researching more than 170 of Amsterdam’s historic places and hot spots, author Grift selected 25 public restrooms in Amsterdam that offer a different view on the ‘smallest room on the premises’. The result is a book of artistic lavatories that astonish visitors with remarkable anecdotes, exotic adventures, funny surprises and innovative creativity.

How about toilets that feature antique cupboards beds, transport you to an exotic island or the mystic Orient? Or being read a fairy tale accompanied by the scent of fresh roses? Some rest rooms will make you feel like a small child in the company of giant toys, or gazed upon by others before the glass doors turn opaque and let you ‘go up in smoke’. The restrooms featured in Hot Drop Spots have become true ambassadors for their proprietors. They are shining spotless examples of the attention to detail, service and quality they offer.

Author Ellen Grift on Hot Drop Spots: “For a room that is visited by all of us each day, restrooms receive surprisingly little to no attention, from their visitors, owners or the media. Hot Drop Spots is a guide to fun toileting in Amsterdam. With this I want to pay homage to the beautiful places of quick rest that Amsterdam has to offer and entice the reader to go visit places that are home to these delectable porcelain gems.”

Date: Saturday May 8th
Time: 3pm
Place: The American Book Center, Amsterdam, Spui 12