Books With Bite: perfect titles for your students

At this time of year, teachers often ask us to find ‘good’ books for their students. Something with a little ‘bite’.

Books with ‘bite’ – vampire stories  – are hugely popular now, and books from autuhors like Stephenie Meyer and Darren Shan are fantastic fun for teens. But if you’re looking for books with literary bite, substantial titles to engage your more able or older students, it can be hard to find the right ones. You need stories that students will enjoy, with quality writing and accessible language. We asked Hester, one of our Amsterdam Fiction buyers,  put together a list of some her favorites. If you’re having trouble coming up with texts for your classes, give her a call!


You can click on the green “Large Quantity Discount” button lql.jpg on each book’s information page to see how much it costs per copy when you order more more than ten copies.  And before you order 30 copies of a book for your class, get a copy for yourself to make sure it’s suitable – teachers and librarians get 10% off at The American Book Center!