Hot gay tips for a hot Gay Pride 2010!

The Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade is around the corner, and we thought you might appreciate some hot book tips to ensure a hot day! 

I mean, sure, you all have a canal parade to attend, and all manner of parties, and even sports events, (and art exhibitions!) but in between all that exuberance and dancing and above all PRIDE about who you are there’s bound to be a bit of down time…  And what better way to spend your down time than with an educational book or two?  😉 Click more for  more!

Hot Pink : Canal Parade Amsterdam – Shirley Agudo
HOT PINK! Photo book about Amsterdam’s annual Canal Gay Parade. The first Saturday of August, it starts at 2pm from the Westerdok and sails along the Prinsengracht in the direction of the Amstel river, past the Muziektheater and along the Zwanenburgwal, Oudeschans and the Oosterdok in the direction of the IJ river, ending around 5 pm.

The Gay Mans Kama Sutra – Terry Sanderson

The Kama Sutra, the famed ancient Indian guide to lovemaking, has been used to enhance sexual experiences since the fouth century. Now, it has been interpreted to created the ultimate sex guide for gay men. Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the art of gay lovemaking, “The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra” applies the art and spirit and intention of the original Kama Sutra–the expression of uninhibited pleasure through sex–to the lives of twenty-first century gay men.

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us – Felice Newman

In this second edition of her lesbian sex manual, Newman, founding publisher of Cleis Press, covers oral, manual, anal, and insertive-vaginal techniques with loving care. She includes a whole chapter on breast play, addresses safety in each section as well as in a separate chapter, and even discusses transgender and bisexuality issues, masturbation, S/M, sex parties, and sex toys while giving equal attention to monogamous and polyamorous sex styles. The text expands the orgasm section to a full chapter, includes an additional chapter on sex and partnership, and updates other sections, especially those on health, sexual response, sex toys, and communicating about sex. Not just for lesbians-heterosexual women could learn a great deal about themselves, as could the men who aspire to please them-this is highly recommended for all collections.

The Joy of Gay Sex – Charles Silverstein & Felice Picano

For a new century and a new generation of readers comes a fully revised and expanded edition of a classic guide to gay sex, love, and life.

Invaluable as a sex guide, a resource on building self-esteem, and a trusted aid for coming out of the closet, “The Joy of Gay Sex” covers the ins and outs of gay life alphabetically from “anus” to “wrestling.” Noted psychologist Dr. Charles Silverstein has collaborated once again with critically acclaimed novelist Felice Picano on this third edition, updating every single entry and adding nearly thirty new entries. The authors provide positive and responsible advice on safe sex in all its varieties; on emotional and relationship-oriented issues such as long-term couples, loneliness, and growing older; and on scores of diverse topics ranging from spirituality to online dating. With fifty new line drawings by acclaimed illustrator Joseph Phillips, this landmark reference is a necessary addition to every gay man’s bookshelf.

Lesbian Sex: 101 Lovemaking Positions – Jude Schell

A sex guide for women who love women, it helps you discover 101 positions for tonguing and grooving. It offers various lovemaking ideas to inspire women to pleasure themselves and each other using touch, toys, and other techniques.