The cure for the winter blues?

Dear lord I’m depressed. Now I know this doesn’t seem like a nice article to read during the holiday season, but let me assure you that it is, and I have good news!

I am prone to depression, winter depression, otherwise fittingly known as SAD to be precise, but no longer. Halleluja! If you suffer too, I have the solution for you, but it is not so easy to get. I don’t mean content wise. I am not some sage who is talking in riddles and koans to impress you with some wisdom that will dispell winter depression. No, I am talking about pills. Pills and the Dutch law. Oh yes, that too.

The solution for your seasonal misery is simply vitamin D3. Normally this is something our bodies make when we are exposed to enough sunlight. But the winters here are so grey and lightless, that we just don’t get enough of the stuff, which then has an influence on our hormone system, leading to winter depression. So if D3 is the solution, than what is the problem? The Dutch law. Under Dutch law the maximum amount of D3 that can be sold over the counter is 25 ug, so low  that it doesn’t work al all and you have to take a generous handful of pills for this magic little potion to do its trick.  The law is based on research showing that vitamin D in high doses can be toxic. It’s a hotly debated subject and there’s not yet any agreement on how true this is and how high a dose you can safely take.

In the UK and the US they don’t have this restriction and D3 can be sold in the dose recommended for curing the winter blahs, a whopping 5000 ug. So we just order ourselves some online, right? Wrong. The companies who sell it online are not allowed to export it to the the Netherlands. What does this leave us with? Many depressed people in the winter season, which here is about six months out of the year. So if you have a friend who lives in the US or UK, or you’re planning a trip there, you now know what to beg or buy to make yourself and other people happy!

Of course I didn’t figure this out all by myself. For more information about this and other health-related problems and solutions, check out the book The Paleo Solution by Robert Wolff. If you’ve read my 2010 top 5 you know I am hooked on this book. Have a happy winter season!

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