New Evergreens

altijdgroenIn 2007 ABC celebrated its 35th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we chose 35 outstanding books that had been an intrinsic part of ABC since we opened in 1972 : ABC Evergreens.

We think these books are so great that we want everyone to have a chance to read them, so we’ve lowered their price as much as we can, and we’ve made them easy to find in our stores by displaying them prominently and giving them all an Evergreen stamp. In our store in The Hague you’ll find all the current Evergreens stacked on one of our display tables as well as in a bookcase by the stairs, and plans are afoot to set up an Evergreens case in Amsterdam.

The Evergreens list has more than doubled in size since 2007, but the criteria remains the same: great reads at a great price! You can see all of the ABC Evergreens on

This week we added five new titles to the Evergreens list:

The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century by Alex Ross

In this sweeping and dramatic narrative, Alex Ross, music critic for The New Yorker, weaves together the histories of the twentieth century and its music, from Vienna before the First World War to Paris in the twenties; from Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia to downtown New York in the sixties and seventies up to the present. Taking readers into the labyrinth of modern style, Ross draws revelatory connections between the century’s most influential composers and the wider culture. The Rest Is Noise is an astonishing history of the twentieth century as told through its music.

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman just wanted to take photographs of people on the street who looked great. His now famous blog (‘the bellwether American site that turned photo blogging into an art form’ – New York Times ) was an attempt to showcase the wonderful and varied sartorial tastes of real people – not only those of the fashion industry. The book is a beautiful anthology of Scott’s favourite shots from around the world. They include photographs of well-known fashion figures as well as those shots of the anonymous passerby whose imagination and taste delight the viewer. From the streets of Rio to Bejing, Stockholm to Milan, these are the people that have inspired Scott and in turn, inspired designers and people of all ages, wages and nationalities with an interest in fashion.

Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems by Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan is America’s most sought-after dog-behavior expert. But Cesar is not a trainer in the traditional sense—his expertise lies in his unique ability to comprehend dog psychology. Tracing his own amazing journey from a clay-walled farm in Mexico to the celebrity palaces of Los Angeles, Cesar recounts how he learned what makes dogs tick. In Cesar’s Way, he shares this wisdom, laying the groundwork for you to have stronger, more satisfying relationships with your canine companions.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

It’s 1962 and 22-year-old Skeeter Phelan is just home from college. Anxious to become a writer, she’s advised to write about what really disturbs her. The budding social activist begins to collect the stories of the black women working as maids in her friends’ households. She gets the help of Aibileen, a maid who’s raised 17 children, and Aibileen’s best friend Minny, who’s found herself unemployed many times after mouthing off to her white employers. The book Skeeter puts together based on their stories is shocking, but it brings pride and hope to the black community, while giving Skeeter the courage to break down her personal boundaries and pursue her dreams.

The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The riveting first-person narrative of a young man who grows to be the most notorious magician his world has ever seen. From his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, to years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-ridden city, to his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece that transports readers into the body and mind of a wizard. It is a high-action novel written with a poet’s hand, a powerful coming-of-age story of a magically gifted young man, told through his eyes: to read this book is to be the hero.