Weird Book of the Week!

Our Maarten-Of-The-No-Lists has uncovered another gem to highlight as our not-so-weekly Weird Book of the Week!

Nosepicking for Pleasure has just rolled its way out of our store, but we already have a new book for the little altar of weirdness on the second floor of our Amsterdam.

Engineering Projects for the 21st Century appears to be your normal, run-of-the-mill print-on-demand collection of  engineering drawings.

Leafing through it, you’ll see detailed designs for things like passenger planes, fighter jets, and high speeds trains, even a Mars rover of sorts.

Look a little closer, though, and you’ll find a giant walking super robot carrying a tree. And is that an illustration of a man with his hand on a semi-naked woman’s bottom? Oh yes:

“Fig. 13. Toys for the rich sportsmen of the future. In the picture, a boy helps his girlfriend climb onto his mechanical flying horse.”

Only EUR 6.99 for 340 pages of mad genius. You know you want it. You can find Engineering Projects for the 21st Century at ABC Amsterdam, on the second floor, or you can have it sent to the Den Haag store via intrastore shipping.