You Review: Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross

Reviewed by Andrée Walch

The story is based on a fact that really happened in Andrew Gross‘s family: a bipolar young man jumps from a rock and somehow one sneaker is missing and never found again. This sneaker thing might sound a little weird but Gross manages to work it out quite convincingly in his story.

Eyes Wide Open is a good story, but I do not like Gross’s style too much. It is written from his personal point of view, which is not a problem but sometimes he comes up with the POV from one of the other protagonists of the story, which is completely unnecessary. Especially at one moment there is a whole chapter from the point of view of the “bad guy”. Why? I don’t know – in my eyes it was inconsistent with the line of the story.

I have the impression that Andrew Gross wanted to put this story on paper as fast as possible; maybe it was his way to confront the death of this young man, I think it was his nephew, if I recall that correctly.

The story in itself is not bad at all – it is catching, I couldn’t stop reading even if I got annoyed from time to time with his writing style. I think that Eyes Wide Open could have been a good part better if a strict editor had had this story in his hands.

But despite the little annoying points Eyes Wide Open was a good read – even if the details were sometimes a bit on the macabre side.

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