The Book of Revelations: Gabriela Heldova

Everyone has read one: a life-changing book.

A book so profound, so full of information, so touching to you at a particular moment in time that it has altered your life for the better forever. A book that gave you hope when you had none, or gave words to feelings you couldn’t express, or made you realize there was a whole unexplored side to you. A Book of Revelations, as it were.

Do You Read Me? reader Gabriela Heldova explains why A New Earth by Echkart Tolle is her life-changing book – the very first book where she could agree with everything written in it.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle really significantly touched my heart and helped me in more deeply understanding our reality, who we are, and our awakening. I found in this book very deep wisdom and a clarity in explanation about crucial aspects: our ego, our identification with the ego and its identifications with forms, breaking free of the ego, the present moment, finding our true nature, who we truly are, and awakening to our inner purpose. Eckhart Tolle’s words are very comprehensible and clear; simple but strong in meaning and depth.

I always have many questions, doubts and disagreements about every book I read, but this is the very first book where I agree with everything written.

This book helped me recognize moments when I identify with my ego and by recognizing it ‘the game is over’ ;). It helped me to understand the present moment and to try to live in it and live my inner purpose.

It is difficult to put in a few sentences the whole abundance of the wisdom and the urgent importance of the message in this book. Therefore I wish that all people would read this A New Earth and then to implement the wisdom in it in their lives.

From the book: “Joy is the dynamic aspect of Being. Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into this world from deep within you… Nothing is going to make us free because only the present moment can make us free. That realization is the awakening.”

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