Fresh ideas for class reads

At the start of each new school year, we traditionally ask our specialist buyers from the fiction and children’s departments to compile a list of books suitable for use in the middle and high school classroom. This year we gave them three criteria: pick books that are were published fairly recently; choose titles that are interesting enough to make students unable to resist reading them, but well-written enough to deserve  a place on the syllabus. Here are ABC’s picks for the 2011/2012 academic year.

Previous lists can be found here, here and here. Or click on the “schools & libraries” category to the right to see all our lists, including ideas for younger readers.

As a teacher you’ll get 10% off everything you buy at ABC, but if you’re buying a book for your whole class, you’ll get even more discount – up to 25%!  Click on the green “Large Quantity Discount” button lql.jpg on each book’s information page to see how much it costs per book when you order more more than ten copies.

Some of this year’s titles have only recently been published, and therefore still in hardcover. They’ll be published in cheaper paperback editions later in 2011, or early 2012.We’ve listed the cheapest available editions as of today –  to check for cheaper editions later in the school year, or to check the price and availability of books from previous lists, you can type the title and author into our advanced book search.

Young Adult Fiction

Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction