Beatboxing with Wookiees

As we may have mentioned before, we have awesome customers. And as I think we might have mentioned once or twice lately,  Thanksgiving is our favorite day of the year here at ABC, and yesterday in Amsterdam it was extra special: magic happened on the first floor when a customer grabbed a copy of How To Speak Wookiee and did… this:

It was so fantastic, I had a little mini-geekout right there at the register. Unfortunately, I was so busy helping the hordes of customers storming the cash desk that I couldn’t get away to record the awesomeness as it happened. Or even find out his name.

Luckily one of this guy’s friends gave himself a five second “Intuitively Teach Your Self Mad Camera Skillz For iPhone”course, and the beatboxer was gracious enough to repeat his performance. If you are our fabulous wookie beatboxer, send an e-mail to and introduce yourself, because firstly, we want to let everyone know who you are! And secondly, we would LOVE you to come in again so we can make a kick ass video of you for the whole world to see. And maybe we can get you to do this to How To Speak Zombie too. 🙂