You Review: The Enemy by Tom Wood

Reviewed by Gabriëlle Linger

A great main character and a suspenseful plot are what makes this novel a great read. The Enemy centres Victor, an assassin, as he goes about his work. Initially things seem to go reasonably well, except that he can’t really trust his employer. Alas, all good things come to an end, and Victor finds himself trying to manage an increasingly difficult job situation.

In the first part of the book it’s very clear that the author is setting things up, yet Tom Wood still manages to create some suspense. If only in wondering when the shit will hit the fan. When it did I couldn’t stop turning the pages. The conclusion was, if not earth shattering, satisfying.

The cover boldly states to forget Bond, Bourne and Bauer. Perhaps that’s the reason why there were various moments in the book where I felt I was reading a movie script rather than a novel. To me it felt like Tom Wood wasn’t nearly as invested in creating a great novel as much as trying to start a movie franchise. While I’d love love to see Victor on the big screen one day, when I read a book I expect to read a book and not the plug for the latest action movie franchise, which was my only irritation with this book.

Apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope to read, and possible see, much more of Victor in the future.

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