Booktoons by Wieke & Maria

Maria Minaya is Amsterdam’s Cookbook and Philosophy buyer, and has been at ABC almost as long as those white book cases in our Den Haag store. She wrote and edited regularly for Between The Covers (ABC’s old analogue newsletter).

Wieke de Neef was our in-house artist, window-dresser, marketing assistant, manga buyer….. In fact, it’s hard to think of a Book Center pie she didn’t have her finger in. She was always shiny and happy, and cheerful, and lovely, and lit up the first floor of our Amsterdam store. Sadly, she left us more than a year ago, to move to Groningen to be an archaeologist. (Recently, we even started to forgive her for leaving.)

Maria’s words and Wieke’s doodles were combined wonderfully in the creation of Booktoons – single-frame, New Yorker-inspired cartoons about the secret lives of books that appeared in Between The Covers. Some of them were so good that they deserve to be seen again. So here you go. The first in a series.


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