Weird Book of the Week

It’s been nearly 2 years, but some things are worth the wait: Our-Maarten- Of-The-No-Lists has mailed in another Weird Book of the Week!

(Which just goes to prove that the blog version is not-so-weekly; the books as highlighted in the White Room at ABC Amsterdam have a rather higher turnover rate :-)).

How to Start Your Own Secret Society by Nick Harding

Rejected by the Freemasons?  Not bright enough for the Illuminati?  Burnt by the Hell Fire Club?  No friends in high places to get you into the Bilderberg or the Bohemian Grove?  Feeling isolated and powerless? Fear not. There is an answer…

Why not start your own secret society to add an air of mystery to your life and instantly alter the way you are perceived by family, friends and society at large. Learn the secrets of how to really influence people in business and politics by creating your own elitist fraternity. Discover the basic requirements for creating a clandestine sister- or brotherhood with the ability to control, govern and influence events at the local or global level. Develop your own secret knowledge and hidden agenda while you plot to overthrow the powers that be through revolution and political or religious intrigue.

Pierre Plantard and the Priory of Sion failed but you can avoid making the same mistakes they did by understanding what it really takes to maintain and develop a secret society. This book will show you all the requirements needed from choosing regalia to setting up a lodge, from electing a grand master to illustrating basic initiation ceremonies. It will also guide you on how to take historical events, great works of art and famous names to mould them into your desires for global domination.

All this for only € 6.99!  And we only have one copy! (Well, of course we only have one copy. We don’t want just anyone starting a secret society, do we?)

You can find How to Start Your Own Secret Society at ABC Amsterdam, on the second floor, or you can have it sent to The Hague via intrastore shipping.

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