Weird Book of the Week

And just like that, How to Start Your Own Secret Society was sold.  We can’t remember who to, but we’re pretty sure they said they were buying it “for a friend.”

According to the nature of this spotlight, a new Weird Book has already been found and – this time – even mailed to this blog!  🙂  Please give a hand for our new highlight:

Privies and Water Closets by David Eveleigh

Although Thomas Crapper is most commonly associated with the invention of the flushing toilet, his models were in fact the result of a long line of improvements to earlier designs which date back to ancient times. This book is an ideal introduction to the history of the toilet, tracing its development from the primitive – and very smelly – privy maiden to today’s one-piece, all-ceramic WC. Illustrated with superb photographs, this book tells the story of the lavatory, from the Elizabethan era to the modern day.

That’s right, an entire lavatorial history, for just € 2.99!  And again only 1 copy in stock! If this isn’t the perfect bathroom reader, we don’t know what is.

You can find Privies and Water Closets at ABC Amsterdam, on the second floor, or you can have it sent to The Hague via intrastore shipping.