Writers on Demand: Linda Radwan

By Linda Radwan

Almost one year ago I was in my favorite bookstore, as usual, in the Hague. Suddenly, at the counter I spotted a card revealing the following information: ‘Can you imagine a machine that prints, binds and trims titles from a large and ever-growing database of books while you wait? One that even prints your own book?’ I was interested in that last part. This Espresso Book Machine could help me publish my book and I certainly had a book to publish.

I had been searching for a publisher for my book The Beastslayer for a while but I had not found the perfect match… until that day. I quickly sent an e-mail and almost immediately received a reaction from EBM operator Joe Neesan. He told me I could stop by any time and see the Espresso Book Machine.

One year later, after countless covers (well… four, to be specific), several content changes and hundreds of email exchanges with Joe, it all brought me to what you see today.

Writing a book is work, but to truly create it, that’s a lot of blood and sweat. It’s the first step into actually showing the world what you’ve created, to let everyone in your own fantasy world. I changed the content so many times, I changed the lay-out, the cover, all of it because I wanted to be 100% happy with it. Luckily Joe’s perfectionism and patience were there to support my goal. This why I recommend the Espresso Book Machine and Joe’s services to everyone who is seriously considering publishing their work (oh no, Joe, you are going to be even more busy from now on!).

I started writing when I was 11 years old. I have been writing stories, books, you name it but it took years to actually make this first step. I love it! Remember, you must do it all by yourself, read your work a hundred times, make your cover from scratch and deliver the lay-out exactly the way you want it. But in the end you can truly say the book is yours! Believe in yourself, see it come to life before your eyes and well, for the book part, let Joe and the Magic Espresso Book Machine do the rest. Good luck!

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