The Adventures Of Super Lorelei by Barbara Rogoski

On Saturday, March 23rd, Barbara Ragoski will launch her book The Adventures of Super Lorelei, The Little Superhero with the Really Big Mission at the ABC Treehut in The Hague, from 12 – 14 hrs.

Entrance is € 3,- or free if you present a copy of the book + your ABC receipt for it at the door of the ABC Treehut.

About the book:

The Adventures of Super Lorelei, The Little Superhero with the Really Big Mission, is the first in a series of storybooks that follow the life of a remarkable teenage girl named Lorelei. She and her faithful dog Maxx come to Earth from the planet Harmonia with a secret mission: to help the people of Earth to find more peace, equality, acceptance and justice for all people – regardless of their sexual orientation or their difference. Lorelei is the first fictional superhero for children who happens to be gay. She stands up for gay rights and human rights and gives a clear message that bullying is not OK. Her life on Harmonia is described, why she was chosen for this important mission, her amazing superpowers and the special gadgets she will use on her mission to Earth. The book is designed for easy reading and to be a tool to start a dialogue for parents with their children, teachers with their students, and for socially-minded people to support its message. Super Lorelei is a new lesbian role model and an example of a noble champion for peace and justice. A little storybook with a really big message: Everyone has the right to live and love in peace!

About the author:

Barbara Rogoski is an American author, speaker, ordained minister and gay rights activist living outside of Amsterdam. She has written this book to draw attention to the violence and discrimination against LGBT people around the world and to create a gay superhero that children can look up to. Barbara came out of the closet at age 45 and began looking for lesbian role models in literature. She saw teenagers committing suicide because they were bullied or thrown out of their homes for telling their parents they were gay. Creating the character of Super Lorelei as role model and hero was Barbara’s way to create a tool to teach children about the need for tolerance, kindness and love for all people.

Barbara will do a short presentation called, “We Need More Heroes” about how she came to write the story of Super Lorelei and the messages she wants to draw attention to: the seriousness of bullying, teen suicides caused by bullying, reaching out to stop bullying, gay rights, human rights and the need for social justice. She will also discuss her plan to bring Super Lorelei into primary schools to give teachers a tool for dialogue to educate the young about these challenging issues. Barbara will then lead an open discussion about the book and its topics, and lastly will have a book signing for those who would like to buy the book.