Bookbits for June 14th, 2013

Ah, finally found time for a Bookbits again…

  • R. I. P. …and we can start right away with the loss of three iconic writers.  Jack Vance, Tom Sharpe and Iain Banks all died within the past two weeks.  🙁  Obituaries can be found all over the web.  It seems like only last week when I reported Banks’s cancer.
  • Authors, NaNoWriMo heroes, scribblers, heed this call: Quirk Books has a “Looking for Love” fiction contest, open to all nationalities!  See all the info right here.  The deadline is October 1st, 2013.  And please thank us in your acknowledgements when your book is published.  🙂
  • Looking for a new home for your old books? Or is your other half refusing to let you buy a new bookcase and you need to thin out the ranks a little? Why not set your friends up with a literary blind date!  I just love this idea.

Thanks to Tom, Simone, Karin, Nicki, Joke, JeroenW and Rick for various of the above links.  If you have literary tips for us, please mail!