This Just In: Crafts

Six Recently-Arrived Titles from the Crafts Section:

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Stitch Savvy: 25 Skill-Building Projects to Take Your Sewing Technique to the Next Level – Deborah Moebes

Readers can work from the tier 1 project all the way to the tier 5; or, readers can do all five tier 1 projects in the book, then all the tier 2, etc.; or, they can follow prompts at the end of each project that will guide them to similar projects in the book… or they can just sew what’s cutest!

I loved her previous book, Stitch by Stitch, which is a fun, enthusiastic introduction to sewing.  It really helped me overcome my awe of my sewing machine.

Knit Your Own Moustache: Create 20 Knit and Crochet Disguises – Vicky Eames

Become a punk, a Victorian gent, a gnome, or even a pirate—all it takes is one of these 20 fantastic knitted disguises! The hilarious and fun-to-do projects include beards, moustaches, and different hairstyles (Mohawk, pigtails, even a bald head). Complete the look with an accessory like a bandit mask or a monocle. It’s the perfect book for Halloween, costume parties, or whenever you want to turn into someone else for a little while.

Hilarious!  And all the projects are pretty short on crafting time, too.  Personal favorite is the Paper Bag disguise.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share – Martha Stewart

‘Martha Stewart’s Crafts for Kids’ focuses on craft projects that children, aged three to twelve, can make with their parents. These projects are fun, yet serve a practical purpose; children can wear, decorate, and play with what they make. Filled with ideas for a range of ages, skill levels, and interests, this book lets children’s creativity run wild, while creating precious memories as parents and kids learn and create as a team.

Say what you like about Martha, she has GREAT ideas for crafting.  Vanina agrees, so it must be true.

Creative Paper Cutting: 15 Paper Sculptures to Inspire and Delight – Cheong-Ah Hwang

Immerse yourself in the wonderful, fantastical world of paper-cutting: a delicate, beautiful means of creating original, intricate artworks that can adorn walls, be sent as greetings cards or encased in quirky containers, such as empty pocket watches, glass pendants, clocks or tin cans. Within the pages of this exquisite book you will find everything you need to become thoroughly inspired and utterly proficient in this popular, imaginative craft. There are 15 irresistible projects to choose from, created by Korean-born, Ohio-based paper sculptor Cheong-ah Hwang. Cheong-ah guides you through the projects with a clear and friendly approach, step-by-step instructions and easy-tofollow step-by-step photographs. In addition to the projects you will find fully comprehensive chapters detailing all you need to know about the tools, materials and techniques, including methods of displaying the projects as well as how to cut and sculpt them.

Simply gorgeous.  Reminds me of this beautiful book trailer, too.

Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting – John Lohman

A collection of 30 cross-stich projects created by ‘Star Trek’ crafters perfect for both die-hard Trekkies and enterprising crafters alike. It showcases some of the fans’ biggest creations, and also includes pattern images and photos of every finished project in use by the creator themselves.

It does not include projects for Star Trek: Into Darkness, of course, but it’s pretty comprehensive on all the other series and movies!

Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff: Projects You Can Build for (and With) Your Kids! – Scott Bedford

The Snail Soup Can Decoy to keep the candy stash safe. The Customizable Keep Out Sign to deter meddlesome siblings and parents. A Bunk Bed Communicator made from cardboard tubes ( Psst! Can you keep the snoring down? ). Clever, whimsical, and kind of genius, here are 67 unique projects that will turn any dad with DIY leanings into a mad scientist hero that his kid(s) will adore.

No screens, no hi-tech gadgetry. Made by Dad combines the rough-edged, handmade ethos of a Boy Scout manual or The Dangerous Book for Boys with a sly sense of humor that kids love. Scott Bedford, a creative director by day and Webby Award winning blogger by nights and weekends, wields an X-ACTO knife, magic marker, and prodigious imagination to create endlessly delightful projects for his two sons. He knows that kids like contraptions and gadgets, things that are surprising: a chair that appears to be balanced on eggshells. Things that are complex: a multilevel city, with buildings, tunnels, and roads, built from old boxes around the legs of a table. And especially things with humor: the Snappy Toast Rack, made to resemble a crocodile s gaping mouth.

The projects are shown in full-color photographs, and the instructions are illustrated in detailed line drawings that exude personality. Some are quick and simple enough to be done in a coffee shop; others are more of an afternoon project yielding hours and hours of rich, imaginative playtime.

Who still says crafting is for girls only?  Boys (of any age), get cracking with this book!