Writers on Demand – International!

As mentioned on a previous post we can now upload books to the international Espresso Book Machine network, allowing other EBM stores to print and sell your book. You will boldy be going where the following two test subjects went before. Their books are now available not only at ABC, but also across the border.

The Time Between – Bryna Hellmann-Gillson

Author Bryna Hellmann-Gillson describes her book, The Time Between, as a novel about the occupation of Holland in WWII, written for teenagers who know about Anne Frank, and not much else.

Here’s a novel about three young women and their brothers and friends during the German occupation. Pam smuggles Jewish children to safe houses, Jo helps to murder a Dutch collaborator, and Hannah looks for a man who can protect her. This is Amsterdam during those dangerous years: the Jewish star, deportation to the camps, the Hunger Winter, courage, loyalty, friendship and yes, of course, love.

Gay & Happy: the international guide for gay men – Steven van Lijnden

Steven van Lijnden is our very own EBM-operator in Amsterdam. He originally wrote his book Gay and Happy in Dutch, but it is now available in an adapted and updated English version.

Gay and Happy is a guide that aims to amuse, inform and advise you, whether you are about to bust out of the closet or have already experienced the highs and lows of guy-on-guy love. Coming out, the gay scene, dating, relationships, health and sex are all discussed, in a frank and adult manner.
The book has been written with an international readership in mind.In the back, you’ll find lists of books, movies, television series and a list with resources for easy reference. This title also contains over thirty illustrations.