Store Bits: Staff Choices, Our Steven is Famous, and Daniel O’Malley visits The Hague

Did you ever notice all our Staff Choices?  You can find them in books around the stores, and sometimes in specially dedicated spots, like the first shelf of the Science Fiction & Fantasy section at ABC The Hague.  Quick messages from the staff about books they read and enjoyed!

(After my summer holiday, I hope to start sharing them here on the blog, too…)

Our Steven is famous!  His Gay & Happy, an international gay guide, has been translated into English (from Dutch) and is now available everywhere.

He asks: “If you know of anyone who would be interested in Gay & Happy – please help spread the word.”

How exciting to have not only a published author, but a translated published author working alongside you.  🙂

Speaking of published authors:  the wonderful Daniel O’Malley ninja-visited ABC The Hague at the end of June (and I’m only now blogging it – shame on me, I know it!)(our Ester tweeted it on the spot, though, so some of us are quick when we need to be).

We sold out of his book The Rook, unfortunately (small paperback coming next month), so here he is posing in front of our books of his favorite author, William Gibson.

Please come by again when you’re on this side of the earth, Mr. O’Malley!