Store Bits: Staff Choices

I’d like to introduce something new here on the blog: our Staff Choices.

You can already read Staff Reviews here, as well as ABC’s annual Favorite Reads .  Our Staff Choices, however, have been sadly absent.  Silly, really, since customers in the stores often grab a book based on that little piece of paper with our recommendation on it!

So now I’m making amends, and presenting you with five Staff Choices picked from around the store at ABC The Hague.  I hope to be able to do this on a regular basis, but you all know how things work on this blog, right?  🙂

Viral Nation – Shaunta Grimes

Recommended by Lilia

“What Clover always really wanted was to go to the Academy and learn.

When she’s instead drafted as a Messenger, she’s confronted with such a different world than the one she grew up in that she will have to choose which way to follow: conform or revolt.

Having an autistic young person as the main character is refreshing and interesting. Shaunte Grimes shows us that even with limitations, people can overcome everything when motivated enough.”

Mother Tongue – Bill Bryson

Recommended by Tom

“Did you know that:

  • the word ‘nice’, over a 400-year period had 14 different meanings;
  • the word ‘landscape’ is of Dutch origin;
  • Japanese has no native swearwords;
  • English has had more than 1400 words to describe ‘having sexual intercourse’?

This book not only describes the history of the English language but also gives many interesting facts about other languages.

If you love languages this is a fascinating and highly recommended read!”

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – John Berendt

Recommended by Ester

“If you’re not a big fan of non-fiction – like me – don’t be alarmed by the genre description. It really reads like fiction: thriller, drama, wit, you’ll get it all and at a very high quality at that.

Every time when reading I had to remind myself I was reading non-fiction, that the people described really exist and that the things happening have actually happened in real life.

Some things I considered too weird to be true, but hey, the world is a strange place, especially a remarkable town called Savannah.”

Ebook available here.

The Fictional Man -Al Ewing

Recommended by JeroenW

“This book isn’t half as serious as the cover makes it seem, in fact, for the most part it’s quite funny.

It’s about an alternate reality where fictional characters are grown in laboratories to play themselves in movies and tv-shows.

The main character is the author of the crappy Kurt Power novels, and he would like nothing more than to see his creation be made real. Instead, he’s offered a chance to write the script for the remake of a B-Movie from the sixties.

Highly recommended for movie and tv geeks, as there are tons of references to popular flicks and shows.”

Ebook available here.

Virgin River – Robyn Carr

Recommended by Sophie

“Looking for a well-written contemporary romance series with great characters and genuinely moving emotional scenes?  Well, you’ve found it, starting with Virgin River. 🙂  No vampires, no shapeshifters, no millionaires, just plain ol’ love stories that warm the heart.

One of the best series I’ve read in a while.”

Ebook available here.