ABC’s Gift Ideas: Non-Books

The gift-giving season is upon us – hooray!

The ABC Staff has rummaged through their sections and order lists, and come up with another year’s worth of wonderful gift ideas for you: from fiction to history to cookbooks to children’s books to travel to non-books and onwards.

In a series of blog posts and recommendation lists throughout the coming month, you will find what we think will make great gifts, whether you celebrate Sinterklaas, Christmas or just like giving books to people. And since we’re a bookstore, these posts will be alphabetical by subject. 🙂

Today you’ll find gift ideas for some of the Non-Books we carry, such as Games, Calendars, Stationery, Magazines, Audio Books and other Merchandise, as picked out by section buyers Ester, Simone, Jouke, Agnes and Sophie. Bear in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg – come to either one of our stores to browse many, many more titles in any of these subjects.

We are ready as ever to be your personal shoppers again this year, and hope you will find our selections useful and inspiring!

You can find our gift ideas from previous years here (scroll down a bit pas 2013), and be sure to have a look at our ABC Favorites, too.


The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia – Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma & Akira Himekawa

Dark Horse Books and Nintendo team up to bring you The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, containing an unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise. This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more!

Hypertheticals: 50 Questions for Insane Conversations – Chuck Klosterman

A deck of cards featuring brain-squeezing dilemmas from Pop Culture analyser Klosterman, perfect for getting any conversation going.

Smash Up Boardgame

Smash Up, designed by Paul Peterson, is the all-new Shufflebuilding game from Alderac Entertainment Group. In Smash Up players take two factions, such as pirates, ninja, robots, zombies, and more, and combine their decks into a force to be reckoned with!

When the game begins, players take turns drafting one of several faction decks. Once each player has two decks, they shuffle them together, combining their distinct abilities into a unique 40-card deck. Players then deal out a number of Base cards, and play their decks to attempt to have the most power on a base when it is scored.

It may sound simple, but how simple is it when your opponent’s Zombie-Ninja Assassinate your minions then create an Outbreak, loading the Base with minions from their discard pile? Or when their Pirate-Dinosaurs Full Sail onto the base with the mighty King Rex, whose massive power dwarfs that of other minions?


The Book Lover’s 2014 Page-A-Day Calendar

Ester: Need I say more?

The Book Lover’s Calendar is packed with fantastic recommendations for readers of all interests and sensibilities: the latest literary fiction discoveries, offbeat nonfiction finds such as Soldier Dogs: The Untold Story of America’s Canine Heroes, classics to reread, fascinating biographies, and meaty historical reads, including The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery.

Dilbert 2014 Wall Calendar: Stop Making Everything I Say Sound Stupid! – Scott Adams

Ester: After another year of hard work at the office, it’s now time for some office humor. And leave that to Dilbert!

Twelve colorful scenes make for a fun year, regardless of your job.

No matter how small your plot at the cube farm, you still can be glad you’re not Dilbert. Not only does he work in a tiny box, he also deals with the boss’s oversize ego, Wally’s underdeveloped work ethic, Alice’s impulsive personality, and Asok’s powers of kinesis. If that’s not enough to make you feel better about your job, the ‘Dilbert 2014 Wall Calendar’ is filled with cartoons that will make you grateful enough to work for ‘free.’ Okay, maybe not, but they’ll make you feel lucky that at least you don’t have Topper, Ted, or the woman who laughs too much on the other side of your cubicle wall.

Official Doctor Who 50th Special 2014 Calendar

Celebrating 50 years of The Doctor! Featuring all 11 Doctors of the series so far.


House Labels & Stickers

Simone: For graphic design fans: a nice set various alphabet stickers, and assorted labels by House Industries. There is a variety of stickerbooks available in the Stationery section.

This handy portfolio contains hundreds of stickers adorned with House Industries’ one-of-a-kind fonts. Including full alphabets, numbers, and symbols galore, these colorful labels are kissed with metallic flourishes and are perfect for personalizing packages, labeling books, decorating goodies, and more.

Art Deco Notebooks

Simone: Who wouldn’t be happy to receive these lovely notebooks as a gift? The wonderful designs of these elongated notebooks are pleasing to everybody’s eyes! You will find this item in the Stationery section, with lots of other notebooks.

It’s timeless, it’s collectible, and it’s utterly of the moment. Mirroring the elegance of Art Deco, the covers of these slender notebooks glint with full-coverage gold foil stamping in the geometric designs that still define the essence of luxury.

Moleskine Wedding Journal

Simone: A brand new title in the Moleskine Passions Journal series. With a nice glossy white cover, any bride- or groom-to-be will be pleased with this gift. We have several more titles in the Passions series available.

Keep track of all of the arrangements-down to the last thank-you note-before and after you say “I do”. This journal has eight themed sections to fill in, space for noting down ideas and inspirations, planning the ceremony and reception, and deciding on the music, the flowers and decorations. The Bridal Book insert will help you plan your dress, accessories, make-up and hairstyle for the big day! A great gift for the bride-to-be in your life.

The Big Ideas Notepad: 100 Brainstorming, Mind-Mapping & Awesome Idea-Generating Sheets

Even the smallest ideas will look like a big deal on these oversized sheets designed for mind-mapping and list-making. Each page has a call to action, plus lots of space in which note-takers and creatives can unleash their imagination.



The hit Dutch magazine is now available in English!

Flow Magazine International is a magazine for paper lovers. We love crafting, mindfulness, illustrations, and positive psychology, and we celebrate the handmade and imperfect. Each issue has four sections that help you reflect in various ways on your busy-yet-happy life.

  • Feel Connected: about family, relationships, friends, and the world around you.
  • Live Mindfully: living with awareness and attention to the present moment.
  • Spoil Yourself: tips for how to indulge yourself in creative (and inexpensive) ways.
  • Simplify Your Life: practical solutions to make life easier, even inside your head.

In every issue you’ll find paper goodies, such as notebooks, window stickers, or beautiful wrapping paper. We collaborate with artists from all over the world.


The essential folk, roots & world music guide.


“The new Notion is an epic of Grande Bada$$ proportions, quite literally: featuring two covers with pop queen in waiting Ariana Grande in an unbelievable illustrated shoot by Hattie Stewart and the hottest new rapper around, Joey Bada$$. With our usual eclectic aplomb, we’ll tackle everything from menswear in a park to pastels in Dungeness, with designers and pop stars and beautiful photography. My guys, let’s do this.” – from the Notion magazine website.

Audio Books*

*Audio books are a separate section at ABC The Hague only.  We’ll be happy to send one over to ABC Amsterdam for you.

One Summer: America, 1927 – Bill Bryson

One of the most admired nonfiction writers of our time retells the story of one truly fabulous year in the life of his native country—a fascinating and gripping narrative featuring such outsized American heroes as Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, and yes Herbert Hoover, and a gallery of criminals (Al Capone), eccentrics (Shipwreck Kelly), and close-mouthed politicians (Calvin Coolidge). It was the year Americans attempted and accomplished outsized things and came of age in a big, brawling manner.

Read by Bill Bryson himself.

Paper version available here, ebook here.

Mad About the Boy – Helen Fielding

What do you do when a girlfriend’s 60th birthday party is the same day as your boyfriend’s 30th? Is it wrong to lie about your age when online dating? Is it morally wrong to have a blow-dry when one of your children has head lice? Does the Dalai Lama actually tweet or is it his assistant? Is technology now the fifth element? Or is that wood? Is sleeping with someone after 2 dates and 6 weeks of texting the same as getting married after 2 meetings and 6 months of letter writing in Jane Austen’s day?

Pondering these, and other modern dilemmas, Bridget Jones stumbles through the challenges of single-motherhood, tweeting, texting and redisovering her sexuality in what some people rudely and outdatedly call middle age.

Read by Samantha Bond.

Paper version available here, ebook here.

The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien

The radio dramatization of The Hobbit became a classic when it was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1968 and it continues to delight today. Tolkien’s famous saga, the prelude to The Lord of the Rings, has all the ingredients of fantasy and adventure: dwarves, elves, goblins and trolls, a fearsome dragon, a great wizard, a perilous quest, and a dramatic climax. Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, is a peaceful sort who lives in a cozy hole in the Shire, a place where adventures are uncommon and rather unwanted. So when the wizard Gandalf whisks him away on a treasure-hunting expedition with a troop of rowdy dwarves, he’s not entirely thrilled.

Paper version available here, ebook here.

Other Non-Books & Merchandise*

*Most of our merchandise is not in our online database.  You will have to come to the store to see what our selection is (or else call or mail us).

Funko POP! Vinyl Figurines

Ester: Let your heroes brighten up your living room!

Magnetic Poetry Zen

Ester: Bring a bit of Zen in your life while creating your own poems. What can be more relaxi…zzzzzzzz?

“Through the practice of Zen meditation, one can find truth and wisdom simply by sitting in silence and listening. So too can a person find truth and wisdom through meditating on and giving order to this collection of word magnets. Scatter them like seeds of ideas over any steel surface, clear your mind, and allow them to gather into revealing phrases with a little help from your fingers.” – from the Magnetic Poetry website

Bookmark Sprout

Ester: Tired of not knowing where you left off in your book of 1152 pages? Then let these little leaves show you the way when they sprout happily from your pages.

The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress [With Vinyl Balls] – Elaine Petrone

Now, for relief for sufferers everywhere, comes The Miracle Ball Method, a healing kit containing two miracle balls and a fully illustrated book, all packaged together in an attention-getting clear plastic cylinder. The work itself is simple. Take a sore back: By resting your aching back on the grapefruit-sized balls and letting your body sink into them, you’re unworking the muscles that hurt. Pain and tension drain out of the body. Petrone shows how proper breathing (which she demonstrates) works in conjunction with a range of unexercises that call for placing the balls under the back, head, knees, hip, elbow-wherever there’s pain-and then resting, rolling, or rotating on them. She points out that relief can come in surprising ways: Lower back pain may be helped by placing the ball under your neck, or a bad knee might be helped by hip work. It’s a revolutionary program of relief, from head to toe.