Special editions: deluxe and rare books from our warehouse

Every so often, unique titles turn up in otherwise unremarkable boxes of remaindered books. It’s like expecting glass beads and finding a real diamond. These titles are generally stunning photo books, numbered and often signed.

For example, would you like one of of the only 2500 copies ever made of Postcards from the Boys, compiled and signed by Ringo Starr? It can be yours for €2000. Or, if The Police is more your kind of band, one of the 1500 copies of I’ll Be Watching You by Andy Summers, for €750?

Visit ABC Amsterdam this week to see the various deluxe books on display in the window, or visit our Facebook page to view a few pictures.  Below are a some detailed shots of several of the books (click on a picture for a bigger version).

If you are interested in buying a copy for your library, mail info@abc.nl for more information and prices.

Hamburg Days / When We Was Fab – Astrid Kirchherr

Postcards from the Boys – Ringo Starr

I’ll Be Watching You – Andy Summers

A Road Trip Journal – Stephen Shore

Playback – George Martin