You Ask, We Answer: Poetry

We are often asked for reading suggestions and recommendations, from one bookworm to another. We love these questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask us. If one of us doesn’t know an answer, we’ll ask a colleague whether they have any tips. Step right up to one of us in either store or else mail your quandaries to and we’ll do our best to come up with some great books. We’ll post our answers right here on the blog so others can enjoy them, too!

Darice mailed us this question:

“I recently bought De eerste letter by Lieke Marsman, an autobiographical poetry book. It’s about her dealing with anxiety, loneliness and love. Lieke is 23 and a bit of daily life shows in her poetry, like binge-watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ or going to Marqt for groceries.
Normally I’m not into poems, but I liked this one.
My question is: are there female poets in English that fall in the same category as Lieke Marsman? Not being familiar at all with present-day poets and poems I have no idea where to look.”

ABC Amsterdam’s Poetry buyer Renate answered:

“Funny – I just bought De eerste letter by Lieke Marsman myself!  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know a lot of young, female British/American poets that have a similar style, but I have come up with some suggestions:

Personally I find the poems by Ariana Reines very beautiful.

Other than Reines I can recommend, even if they’re not all female and/or young: