You Review: The Intern’s Handbook (Kill Your Boss) – Shane Kuhn

Reviewed by Natalie Gerritsen

Human Resources, Inc. is an elite hitmen agency which poses as a placement agency for office interns. The assassins trained by Human Resources, Inc. are almost without exception orphans, ‘raised’ by the agency to become ruthless killers. Their targets are corrupt businessmen, so getting an internship is the perfect opportunity to get close to a victim. The downside to this approach is the fact that the hitmen have to retire when they are twenty-five, because no one would believe an older intern.

John Lago is one of these hitmen about to retire. He is the star of the agency and is about to start his final assignment. He describes this assignment in ‘The Intern’s Handbook’, meant to help the new interns/assassins. But he doesn’t know this last job is going to be a lot harder than it looks, especially when a beautiful woman shows up to complicate things.

Kill Your Boss (a.k.a. The Intern’s Handbook) by Shane Kuhn is just the best kind of pulp: funny, dark, sometimes vulgar and full of action. John Lago is the kind of messed-up hero I love: skilled in all types of combat, weaponry and espionage, but with a damaged heart, which could just turn out to be a heart of gold.

This is a book you will read in one or two sittings and it will entertain you all the way through. Six months from now, you probably won’t remember too much about it; it just isn’t that kind of ‘impressive’ literature, but then again, it doesn’t pretend to be. If you’re in the mood for some straight-up entertaining action, pick up this book and just enjoy yourself for a few hours.

Blogmistress’s note:  The Intern’s Handbook is the US title of the book; Kill Your Boss is the UK title.  Because why have the same title across the globe in this internet age, right?  😉

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