Change in pricing for self-published books

The pricing for self-publishing a book on our Espresso Book Machines has changed a bit. We have tied the price more directly to the number of pages your book consists of, plus the cover. In other words, the slimmer your book, the slimmer the price!

Effective immediately, this is the new price scheme (all you literature, arts and language majors, look away now or risk eye-glazing 😉 ):

  • 40 – 179 pages: €3,50 (cover) + €0,05 per page
  • 180 – 200 pages: €12,50
  • 200+ pages: €12,50 + €0,05 per page over 200

For example, if your book has 120 pages, it now costs €3,50 + €0,05×120 = €9,50 per copy (minus 10% if you have a discount card). Compared to the standard €12,50 fee we had before for all books up to 200 pages, that’s a whopping €3 saved on every copy!

The €12,50 handling fee for your initial copy remains the same. Click here for more pricing info.