Gift Ideas for Thinkers

Ready or not, the gift-giving season is upon us! Whether you celebrate Sinterklaas, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any other opportunity to give presents during the dark days of the winter solstice, we’ve got ideas aplenty. As in previous years, the ABC Staff has looked through their sections and hand-picked various choice literary jewels for your gift-giving pleasure.

We will present these titles in a series of blog posts and recommendation lists throughout the coming month. We hope you will find some inspiration in them, but please remember that these titles only represent a tiny fraction of the books on offer in our stores. Be sure to stop by to see what else there is in the area of your interest!

Today’s gift ideas come from the Philosophy and Psychology / Self Help sections.  Perfect books for those of you who like to think about Life, the Big Questions, How to Be a Better Human Being, and all those other topics in-between.

You can find our gift ideas from previous years here (scroll down a bit to 2013 and beyond), and be sure to have a look at our ABC Favorites, too.


Ebook available for The Philosophy of Snoopy, The Art of War and Scribble, Scribble, Scribble.

“The loveable dog is back! Enjoy his philosophy about all and nothing.” – ABC The Hague’s Philosophy buyer Ester on The Philosophy of Snoopy.

“A recently-published small hardback version of this classic text.” – Ester on The Art of War.

“A beautiful collection of essays by the highly original voice that belongs to Schama.” – Ester on Scribble, Scribble, Scribble.

Psychology / Self Help

Ebook available for Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success, The Marshmallow Test, Smart Change, Mindfulness on the Go, Quiet Impact, What I Know for Sure, and Congratulations, By the Way.

“Could I also suggest the full Red Book, with Jung’s own illustrations, at € 164,99 – cheaper than anywhere else outside the U.S.?” – ABC The Hague’s Psychology buyer Agnes on The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition.