Gift Ideas for Chefs

Ready or not, the gift-giving season is upon us! Whether you celebrate Sinterklaas, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any other opportunity to give presents during the dark days of the winter solstice, we’ve got ideas aplenty. As in previous years, the ABC Staff has looked through their sections and hand-picked various choice literary jewels for your gift-giving pleasure.

We will present these titles in a series of blog posts and recommendation lists throughout the coming month. We hope you will find some inspiration in them, but please remember that these titles only represent a tiny fraction of the books on offer in our stores. Be sure to stop by to see what else there is in the area of your interest!

In this post you will find some delicious gift ideas for the food nut in your family or group of friends with books from our Cooking and Nutrition sections.

You can find our gift ideas from previous years here (scroll down a bit to 2013 and beyond), and be sure to have a look at our ABC Favorites, too.


Ebook available for Plenty More, Huckleberry and Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

“From the Master himself comes this beautiful book that will have you cooking up a storm. Luscious French recipes that will keep you fully occupied during the winter season.” – ABC Amsterdam’s Cookbooks buyer Pleun on The Essence of French Cooking.

“Trying your hand at home brewing but keeping all your notes on scraps of paper never to be located again? Here’s a perfect log to write down your beer brewing process. And just to finish it off a set of labels to give your beers a special touch of class!” – Pleun on The Home Brewer’s Lab Book and Home Brewer’s Labels.

“Have you been cooking from the Plenty cookbook for some years now and do you need some fresh recipes to keep it exciting? Fear not, Ottolenghi is back with Plenty More!” – Pleun on Plenty More.
We had a prize draw featuring Plenty More last month and a record number of people signed up and answered our question “What is your favorite cookbook?” with aplomb! See all the answers (and thus even more cookbook-gift-giving inspiration) here.

“These recipes from the Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe will make you want to run to your kitchen! That cover picture is just amazing. Plenty of recipes to choose from in this book: cakes, muffins, breads, bagels, pies, galettes, pancakes, beignets, croques, need I go on? The Apologies section in the back is hilarious by the way.” – ABC The Hague’s Cookbooks buyer Simone on Huckleberry.

“Making and preserving Juices, Wines, Meads, Teas and Ciders: what more do we want for the fall and winter?” – Simone on Drink the Harvest.

“Wonderfully made book with lots of fresh and unique recipes for a vegetarian diet. The design is great, the images are very pleasing to the eye, and the book contains a lot of information as well as recipes.” – Simone on Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

“A great new way of making cocktails, using the Mason Shaker, is demonstrated in this well-designed book. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook and get fresh new recipes!” – Simone on Shake.


Ebook available for Clean, Complete Family Nutrition and The Third Plate.

“Detoxing becomes more and more prevalent. Clean is the perfect book for people that want the benefits explained to them by a scientist. Alejandro Junger does the job perfectly, tackling all aspects of toxins and disease prevention, and he even talks about the body’s natural abilities to heal, usually a mainstay of natural healthcare practitioners. The book has the full program and recipes at the end, and this year the cookbook Clean Eats was published for more recipes and everyday clean eating. Oh yeah, before I forget, Gwyneth Paltrow likes it too  ;-) .” – ABC Amsterdam’s Nutrition buyer Sigrid on Clean.

“These days there is so much new info concerning healthy nutrition that it’s hard not to get confused. This book is packed with information that is neatly organised and gives you everything you need to know. Jane Clarke is also Jamie Oliver’s favorite nutritionist.” – Sigrid on Complete Family Nutrition.

“Even though more and more people eat organic, local and more plant-based food than five years ago, chef Dan Barber doesn’t think it revolutionized food production. The Third Plate is his manifesto for changes that will change the production. Many foodies call him the new Michael Pollan.” – Sigrid on The Third Plate.

“Should we eat as our hunter/gather ancestors did? If you’ve chosen to do so, it can be quit hard to cook without grains, pulses and sugar. Nom Nom Paleo makes it fun and easy and the recipes are yummy. Also check out the website” – Sigrid on Nom Nom Paleo.