Store Bits: EBM Special Edition

ABC's EBM: self-publish YOUR book on it!EBM stands for Espresso Book Machine.  It prints books on demand – including ones you’ve written yourself!  


More and more local magazines are making the jump from print to digital, as this is cost-efficient and you don’t have to worry about printing way too many issues or not quite enough. But something is lost in the transition; a lot of readers prefer words on paper to words on a screen.

It’s worth setting up issues as print-on-demand, if only for those cases when a digital copy just won’t do. Our EBM offers a low-threshold solution for this. Adjustments to files, to make the magazine ready for printing, are relatively small and issues past and present can be kept on tap, available whenever the need arises. A good example is the magazine Second Sight, of which the latest entries are available on demand:

Second Sight #38: Desert IssueSecond Sight #37: Playfulness and LightSecond Sight #36: Rethinking Ethics

We also print batches of magazines for publishers who handle their own distribution and sales, like the Amsterdam Quarterly team.

So, if you are publishing a magazine (or are planning to publish one) get in touch with our EBM-operators in Amsterdam ( or The Hague ( We can help you figure out the best way to make your ‘zine available on demand.


L'Angolo dei Libri book blogEBM Chief María sent in this link of Italian books blog L’Angolo dei Libri that has both great pictures of ABC Amsterdam, talks about our EBM there, and tells you to visit us if you happen to be in Amsterdam.

Grazie per ricordare la nostra libreria, Beatrice!  (We hope Google Translate got that last bit right :-))


And finally, here are a few recently self-published titles available in both stores:

I Have Loved - Alex HijmansEscape from Neverland - Nils VisserDesign and Construction of Dutch Sailing Ships in the 17th Century - A. J. den HondWuwei, Doen of Niet Doen? - Meindert van den Heuvel

A Dutchman gets lost in a Brazilian forest, during the time of the Kennedy assassination. Decades later, the repercussions still echo in this fascinating biography: I Have Loved – Alex Hijmans.

Meanwhile, in another book – fiction this time – a Dream-Time tale plays out in the Wyrde Woods with Wendy Twyner: Escape from Neverland – Nils Visser.

If you’re looking for something more grounded, or rather seabound, there’s a book about the design and construction of Dutch sailing ships in the 17th century: Design and Construction of Dutch Sailing Ships in the 17th Century (English/Dutch edition) – A.J. den Hond.

And if that turns out to be too grounded, there is a look at the Eastern philosophy of Wuwei: Wuwei , Doen of Niet Doen? – Meindert van den Heuvel.

If you want something off the beaten track, something interesting and new, check out any of our EBM titles. And keep an eye out for new additions – the list will keep growing all year long!