The ABC Film/Book Club takes you to the movies!

The Watchmen have arrived – and fans are reading and watching them in huge numbers! Want to see the film, but can’t spare the cash in these hard times? Seen it once, jonesin’ for a second look, but can’t justify spending scarce euros on a second screening? Riddle me this, my fine friends, and you may win a pair of tickets to a screening of your choice and an extra bonus gift – but beware… it’s a two-parter, and you must get both parts correct to win:

What is the name of Ozymandias’s pet? What natural animal is it engineered from?

Send your answers, with a daytime phone number to:

The answer’s easy if you’ve read the book – and we’ve just received a new shipment of brand-spanking-new copies. Come to the American Book Center and get yours while they last!

The Watchmen Contest will stay open until April 3rd, 2009, or until we have enough winners to claim all gifts, whichever occurs first. Op=op! 

Note:  This contest is only open to people living and/or able to watch the movie in the Netherlands!