Prize Draw Winners: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Poster

Fifty Shades of Grey movie poster (A3 size)Win a SIGNED Fifty Shades of Grey Poster!

Winners: Lieke Stuijt + Jamie Vermaesen

Question: Besides the Fifty Shades trilogy, what other Romance/Erotica book can you recommend to fans?

Wallbanger (by Alice Clayton)”

“I would recommend the Beautiful Bastard trilogy (Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player). You will get an amazing read no matter which order you read them. I read #2 first. I didn’t feel like it spoiled anything for me. It merely made me desperate to get my hands on book #1. Beautiful Player is a little bit different from the other two. In order to fully appreciate what the author has done with her characters you will want to read all three books eventually.” (A fourth book, Beautiful Secret, is expected in April! – S.)

“I have to admit that I don’t read a lot of Romance/Erotica but I would like to recommend The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which does contain at least some romance and erotica.”

Bared to You – Sylvia Day,  The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks”

“I would like to recommend Just One Night by Kyra Davis as an alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey. The book is about a workaholic who spends one night in Vegas that changes her life.”

Ebook available of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Bared to You, and The Notebook.

Wallbanger - Alice ClaytonBeautiful Bastard - Christina LaurenBeautiful Stranger - Christina LaurenBeautiful Player - Christina LaurenGirl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (larger)Bared to You - Sylvia DayThe Notebook - Nicholas SparksJust One Night - Kyra Davis