Meet the Buyers: Graphic Novels

Meet Jitse, Graphic Novels buyer at ABC Amsterdam, and JeroenW, Graphic Novels buyer at ABC The Hague. They will be part of the crew manning the ABC stand at Dutch Comic Con later this month.

Jitse, Graphic Novels buyer at ABC AmsterdamJeroenW, Graphic Novels buyer at ABC The Hague

How long have you been the Graphic Novels buyer?

Jitse: Since 2006. I took over the section when ABC Amsterdam moved to the current location.
JeroenW: Good question! No idea. One-and-a-half years? I started off as just the Marvel/DC buyer, and then inherited the section proper later.

Black Hole - Charles BurnsAdventure Time, vol. 1What author/series do you always keep in stock?

Jitse: Charles Burns, Alan Moore, Bryan O’Malley, Batman, Brian K. Vaughan, Robert Crumb.
JeroenW: The Walking Dead, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and I try to have everything of Adventure Time (personal favorite). But there are so many more.

prettydeadlyJimmy Corrigan - Chris WareWhat author/artist deserves a bigger audience?

Jitse: Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios, the authors of Pretty Deadly. They’re a refreshing team and, also, women in a world that is still dominated by male writers and artists. You can see my Favorite Reads 2014 for more reasons you absolutely have to read their work.
JeroenW: Chris Ware, always! He deserves the Nobel Prize for depressing people in the most beautiful way possible.

Personal preference: Marvel or DC?

Jitse: Tough one… Nowadays I’m into Marvel. They have some great story lines and weird characters I love. A lot of the old stories from the 80s have recently been reissued, and I used to read the Juniorpress ones as a kid.
JeroenW: Good grief… Probably DC because it has more classic stories. But Image is the third big publisher (along with Dark Horse), and I like them way better than Marvel or DC.

The Sculptor - Scott McCloudWhat titles are you eagerly awaiting in 2015?

Jitse: The new Scott McCloud, Nemo: River of Ghosts, Rocket Raccoon Volume 1.
JeroenW: The Sculptor by Scott McCloud. The next volume of Saga; there’s always too much time between them, but there is no date set yet for volume 5. I want there to be a second part of The Nowhere Men by Eric Stephenson, but that’s just wishful thinking.

Dutch Comic Con 2015If you could invite any author/artist to the ABC stand at Dutch Comic Con, who would it be?

Jitse: Alan Moore! Because he’s a big hero of mine who personally reinvented the entire graphic novel genre. Grant Morrison would be great as well, he wrote some really bizarre books.
JeroenW: Alan Moore if I’d want a lot of people drawn to the stand. Chris Onstad, creator of web-comic Achewood, if I’d just want to hang out with the person. He’s a genius.

You can meet more section buyers here.

This post first appeared in our March 2015 News Mailing.