Prize Draw Winner: Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ckWin a copy of Thug Kitchen!

Winner: Renée Korver-Michan

Question: You can invite anyone for dinner (cooked from this cookbook, of course). Who would you invite, and why?

“My best friend Francoise. I want to see the shocked look on her face at a cookbook filled with expletives. And, as she’s French and totally into food, I’d want to her analysis of the meal.”

“I would invite my family over for dinner, which is what my husband and me do sometimes when we cook a great new recipe (and from what I can read, this book contains recipes that fall into that category). Wouldn’t let them actually READ the book though ;-p”

“If I could invite anyone to dinner it would be Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age.
As Josh Homme is quite badass and loves good food this would be the perfect opportunity to show him my badass cooking skills and incredibly interesting life visions!”

“I would invite Bill Buford, founder and head honcho emeritus of Granta Press, author of Among the Thugs, Heat: An Amateur’s Adventures as Kitchen Slave, and extremely conscientious food chronicler for The New Yorker. If anyone could appreciate Thug Cuisine, it would be this culinary iconoclast who is an aficionado of extreme chocolate, Bard of the bean, did a stint as Mario Batali’s ‘’kitchen bitch’’ and lived to tell the tale, and can still wax poetically over the French kitchen. Hopefully he might even be my sous chef for this badass experience. I’m sharpening my knives already.”

“I would invite Dorothy Parker to dinner. Would be fabulous to share a meal with her and pick her brain. She definitely seems like she would of appreciated the call to ‘eat like you gave a f*ck’.”

“My answer to the question of who I’d invite to dinner is Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season! Not only is that series one of my favorites and do I think she’s an amazing author, but I’ve met her once before and she was absolutely lovely. We chat on Twitter sporadically, but I think it would be awesome to actually see each other in real life again.”

“What a great question! I would invite Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer to dinner (a double-date with me and my boyfriend). I have been a fan of Amanda Palmer for years, ever since my friends dragged me to one of her concerts during university times in Providence, and when I met my boyfriend he introduced me to Gaiman‘s writing, and I introduced him to Palmer’s music. And then they got married! It feels like there would be so much to talk about; music, books, life in general.
I would also totally add Terry Pratchett to this dinner, though I wonder if I’m stretching my chances by inviting three people? :)”