Typical Dutch merchandise

A few months ago we introduced our first 8 ‘Typical Dutch’ postcards, photographed by Petra van Velzen and designed by Joke Mestdagh. For some reason the ones with food on them and the very popular kaasschaaf sell the best so we decided to add another 4 postcards with ‘Typical Dutch’ eatables:

Beschuit met Muisjes - ABC 'Typical Dutch' Postcard Dropjes  - ABC 'Typical Dutch' Postcard Hagelslag - ABC 'Typical Dutch' Postcard Stroopwafels - ABC 'Typical Dutch' postcard

Steven came up with the idea to use the images to make special notebooks on our Espresso Book Machine (EBM).

Biertje - ABC 'Typical Dutch' notebook Patatje Met - ABC 'Typical Dutch' notebook

The notebooks will come with either lined or blank paper to scribble on, have 200 pages and will cost € 4.99. Keep an eye out for them near the registers and the EBM machines. If we happen to be out of your favorite cover combined with the kind of paper you need, just ask and the EBM operator can print one for you in-store, due to the magic of the Espresso Book Machine!