You Review: Dog Crazy – Meg Donohue

Reviewed by Oona Juutinen You Review Elite

Dog Crazy - Meg DonohueThis book ought to come with a warning: it might actually make you dog crazy!

Maggie Brennan is a pet bereavement counselor who, while helping her clients work through the loss of a beloved pet, silently struggles with some secret sorrows of her own. She finds unexpected help in the form of Anya, a distraught girl who is convinced that her missing dog has not run away but has been stolen instead. Searching for the dog, the two spend days walking up and down the streets of San Francisco; and it is during these walks, with the help of Anya and some delightful dogs, that Maggie slowly learns that it is not possible to shield yourself from pain by locking yourself indoors and never loving again.

Meg Donohue portrays the relationship between a dog and its owner in a lovely way and Dog Crazy is a great book for anyone who has ever loved and been loved by a pet. Those who don’t understand why someone would grieve after losing a pet, on the other hand, are probably better off not even opening this book.

As someone who grew up surrounded by dogs but does not currently have any in her life, Dog Crazy made me miss having a canine companion. And so I repeat: this book ought to come with a warning. There is a very real danger that, after reading Dog Crazy, you will begin spending your weekends browsing the website of the local animal shelter for their most adorable pooches!

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There’s an ebook of Dog Crazy available here.