Bookbits for May 21st, 2015

  • Annie M. G. Schmidt, image by Chris van Houts
    Annie M. G. Schmidt, image by Chris van Houts

    Today it’s 20 years ago that legendary Dutch writer Annie M. G. Schmidt died (and 104 years and 1 day ago that she was born!).  I defy you to find a child born in the Netherlands in the 20th century that didn’t grow up with her stories and poems, and all of us at ABC are really grateful for all the wonderful English translations available now: Jip and Janneke, Tow Truck Pluck, The Cat Who Came In Off the Roof, A Pond Full of Ink, and Scrumple (Floddertje) coming soon!

  • R. I. P. Jef Geeraerts died earlier this month.  This provocative Belgian doesn’t have any books currently translated into English, but he was one of our Tom’s favorite writers.
  • And finally, two images my lovely sisters sent me.  I don’t know the origin of the first one, but the second one is a postcard that can be found somewhere in Germany:

audiobookblaster2Shock Your Parents