You Review: Always the Bridesmaid – Lindsey Kelk

Reviewed by Helena Eher

alwaysbridesmaidThis book tells us about Maddie. Her life is not in the best moment, she is 31, she is an assistant of an event planner for 10 years and her ex-boyfriend had a baby with his new wife, but this is just the begin, her life will get worse during the story.

She has two best friends: Lauren (is getting married) and Sarah (is divorcing).
Now, Maddie has to deal with a test to get a promotion, a weird relationship with Will, she needs to help Lauren to prepare the wedding in 3 months and to help Sarah to overcome her divorce.

The story is very funny and easy to read. We get involved with the characters and cheer for Maddie to get good results. We identify with the friendship shown in the book, friends who argue but love and support each other.
Sometimes, it’s annoying how things go wrong, a lot of them, many times. However, it is also funny and we want to know how everything will be solved.

I think the title of the book it’s not totally appropriate because this is not the focus of the story, just one part of it. I think the friendship and the problems that Maddie finds in her job and in her relationship are as important as the bridesmaid thing.

I recommend reading this book. You will have a great time and will know new friends which will be a good company and will make you laugh.

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