Impromptu Author Visits by Erin Hunter and Sebastien de Castell!

In July two authors dropped by unannounced: “Erin Hunter” came by ABC Amsterdam, and Sebastien de Castell visited ABC The Hague!

Erin Hunter ninja-visits ABC Amsterdam, July 2015sebastiendecastell

Erin Hunter is the name of the six-author collective that writes the massively popular Warriors – Seekers – Survivors books, a YA series featuring clans of cats.  It’s a sprawling series with many, many entries, and each new instalment is awaited anxiously by its fans.  The lady with the glorious smile pictured above is Victoria Holmes.

Sebastian de Castell is the author the Greatcoats trilogy, of which the first 2 parts are out: Traitor’s Blade and Knight’s Shadow.  He also has one of the better author pictures on  As you can see, we’re not quite used to having authors ninja-visit us at ABC The Hague yet because, although our JeroenW had a great chat with Mr. de Castell, the picture is only proof of the signed copies!  Not to worry, though, Mr. de Castell is currently living in The Hague, so hopefully there will be many more opportunities to snap a picture with the actual man (and hopefully a signing session, too!).

Also: authors, come ninja-visit our The Hague store more, so we can practice with taking your picture…  😉