Staff Review: The Surrender Experiment – Michael A. Singer

Reviewed by Jilles

Jilles engrossed in The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. SingerBeing a huge fan of The Untethered Soul by Micheal A. Singer I was very excited to see that he had written a new book, The Surrender Experiment, that came out in May this year. Expecting it to be The Untethered Soul part two, I dove right in.

After the first couple of chapters I found the book to be a big disappointment. It talked about his moment of enlightenment at 23 and his rigorous meditation practice in the woods. That had absolutely nothing to do with me! I didn’t have that moment of cosmic consciousness at 23, and meditating in the woods didn’t describe any part of my life. So I put it down and started a new crime novel.

The Surrender Experiment - Michael A. SingerAfter about 5 weeks, though, curiosity got the better of me and I started reading The Surrender Experiment where I left off. The book blew me away. The first couple of chapters were nothing else but a set-up for what was to come: the surrender experiment, where he surrendered to ‘LIFE’, meaning to go with that which showed up in his life even though the voices in his head told him to either do it or not do it. Everything he talked about in The Untethered Soul became a living experience in The Surrender Experiment. From just going with the flow, this man who had nothing, followed what life had to offer him, and he built a business empire. Not that the emphasis is on the business, though, but on the synchronicities that brought it all together and showed him that the force of life is so much bigger and so much more powerful than we think we know.

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. SingerThe book brought me to tears many times, just because of his unshakable faith in this force some people call God, other people the Universe. This is life lived at its most sacred and its most beautiful. The Surrender Experiment is a beautiful companion to The Untethered Soul, where he practices what he preaches. A must-read for everybody who is interested in the spiritual side of life, even if it is just The Law of Attraction, which is showed here from a different perspective. You can find this beautiful book in both our stores.

JillesJilles is ABC Amsterdam’s Consciousness, Eastern Philosophy and Film & TV buyer.

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