What We’re Reading

Or, In Which The ABC Amsterdam Staff Makes An Extremely Strong Showing

The Kind Worth Killing - Peter SwansonThe Magic Toyshop - Angela CarterNights at the Circus - Angela Carter

The Bloody Chamber - Angela CarterThe Night Watchman - Fischer & LabruneThe Earthsea Quartet - Ursula K. Le GuinThe Xenophobe's Guide to the Estonians

The House on Mango Street - Sandra CisnerosTeatro olimpico - Kees 't HartThe Beautiful Bureaucrat - Helen PhillipsMarta Oulie - Sigrid Undset

Masters of Science Fiction omnibusThe Beautiful Struggle - Ta-Nehisi CoatesBetween the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi CoatesPurity - Jonathan Franzen

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared - Jonas JonassonSaga volume 1 - Brian Vaughan & Fiona StaplesOnly Forward Michael Marshall SmithReady Player One - Ernest Cline

Amsterdam - Russell ShortoHet onzienbare en andere verhalen - Erik KriekBeerschot - JeroomThe Reality Dysfunction - Peter F. Hamilton

PeterL: The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson.  About cheating couples with money and killing urges and double identities.  A little like Gone Girl, “leest als een trein”. 🙂

Jesse: After reading Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop (one of my favorite reads this year so far), I also started reading her books Nights at the Circus and The Bloody Chamber.
Also read the graphic novel The Night Watchman by Jeremie Fischer and Jean-Baptiste Labrune, which is very beautifully made.  Now reading the first book of The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula le Guin.

Tom: The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Estonians, in preparation of my vacation.

Renate: The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Teatro olimpico by Kees ‘t Hart. The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips: I just can’t stop reading this book. It’s agreeably strange and reads like a thriller. It’s about a woman who starts working for a mysterious company, hired by a person with no face and bad breath, entering names in what’s called The Database, about which she must now nothing. Oh, the mystery of it all! Marta Oulie: A Novel of Betrayal by Sigrid Undset. Gorgeous Norwegian novella from the beginning of the twentieth century about, as the title tells you, an adulterous woman.

Maarten: Just started in Masters of Science Fiction, one of those awesome omnibus editions from the 50s and 60s, with only ‘big names’ from the genre.  SciFi stories from those decades are still the best, with the craziest covers that generally have nothing to do with the content…  (Omnibus includes: Philip K. Dick, Poul Anderson, Lester del Rey, Frederik Pohl etc…)

(This title is currently not in print, sadly. We can get similar omnibus editions through our supplier of second-hand books.)

Daria: The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Intrigued by reading about Between the World and Me so I thought I would check out his memoir first.  It was a fast-paced read, lots of references to hip hop, basketball and Dungeons and Dragons, seems to me that if you weren’t young in the nineties all the metaphors and namedropping might get to be a bit much. For me it was mostly a trip down memory lane, I enjoyed it.  Now I’m on to Between the World and Me.

(If you want a ‘taster’ of Between the World and Me, have a look at this Tell Don’t Show post, where the book is ‘shown’ in 10 quotes!)

Lynn: Purity by Jonathan Franzen, The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.

(You can see Lynn’s thoughts about Purity here.)

Steven: Read: Saga (Vol. 1 – 4) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.  Wacky, imaginative space opera – think Guardians of the Galaxy. Ongoing comic book series. Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith. Starts interesting and absurd, with a touch of Douglas Adams, deflates a bit when dreams come into play. If anything can happen, the tension drains away. Stuffs all its big twists into the final chapter, not very elegantly.  Beginning: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Amsterdam by Russell Shorto.

JeroenW:  Het Onzienbare by Erik Kriek – A really visceral comic adaptation of some H. P. Lovecraft short stories, unfortunately not available in English.  And (also in Dutch) Beerschot by Jeroom – Nasty and funny cartoons.

Sophie: The Reality Dysfunction, still.  Everyone’s in mortal peril and I’m scared to open the book, but I can’t read anything else either.  I’m being held hostage by Peter F. Hamilton! 300 pages left to go…

Ebooks: The Kind Worth Killing, Nights at the Circus, The Bloody Chamber, A Wizard of Earthsea (and the other 3 books, too), The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, Saga vol 1, 2, 3 and 4, Only Forward, Ready Player One, Amsterdam, and The Reality Dysfunction.