Store Bits: ABC Birthday, Event Pics, TTIP Windows, Dutch Institutions and more

Last Friday Nadine celebrated her 10th ABC birthday!  Although, if anyone is a lifelong ABC-er, it’s Nadine, who was practically born on a bookshelf here.  🙂 You can usually find Nadine on the ground floor in Amsterdam, and she’s also part of the famous Amsterdam Windows Team!  Here’s to many more years, Nadine!

Nadine, 10 years at ABC, Oct. 2015


Nadine’s mama, Lynn, was featured on, who claims the ABC is a Dutch institution.  Well, we’re not about to disagree with that now, are we…  🙂  Also, don’t you just love the picture of Lynn accompanying the article?

Lynn, interviewed for, 2015


Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers , 2nd edition - Tim SkeltonOur Luke wants you to know about the new edition of that staple of the Amsterdam travel scene: Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers.  Tim Skelton has once again taken the difficult task upon himself to sample all the beers in the city and full 38 new café entries have made the book.  Thank you for your tireless beer sampling, Tim!


Crime Scene magazineOur Lília also wants your attention, for this lovely new magazine now available in The Hague.  It’s called Crime Scene and delves into every mystery out there, in books, on TV, or on the silver screen.

Don’t forget that you can check our magazine arrival dates online!


That famous Windows Team of Nadine’s put together a very current display: all about TTIP.  Come check it out in Amsterdam this week and inform yourself on this issue with the reads we have on offer.

ttip4 ttip3

ttip2 ttip1


Our Tom organized three events back to back in the ABC Treehut in the Hague these past two weeks: the Spanish EveningLeaning Against The Wall – How Irvin Yalom Inspired Me As A Therapist by Katarina Gaborova and Why the Dutch are Different by Ben Coates (pictured below on from left to right)(Ben Coates pic via Ben’s Twitter account!).

Thank you to everyone who came, and be sure to sign up for our Events Mailing if you want to come our events in the future!

spanisheveningDHseptleaningagainstwallBen Coates at ABC The Hague, Oct 2015


And here are some of my favorite images from our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) the past week:

shortstoriesdhBribed into being Gilliamesque!Ester and Rob The Penguin RepBook Tattoos via Buzzfeed