This Just In: Children’s Books and YA Fiction

This Just In: Kids 9-12 and Story bookThis Just In: YA Fiction

Our Lilia in The Hague sent in a whole list of recently-arrived titles from her Children’s Books and YA Fiction sections.

There were so many I had to divide them into two pictures!  On the left you can see a story book and the titles for the 9-12 category, and on the right the YA Fiction books are on display. (Apologies for the rather dark quality of those pictures, by the way.  If you click on each one you can embiggen them and see the titles much more clearly.)

Here  are all the details, in case you want to mark them down or rush into ABC The Hague to buy them now (you know, what with a certain date with a bearded, gift-giving bishop in the near future…) :

Left picture:

Right Picture: