You Review: Diane von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped – Gioia Diliberto

Reviewed by Oona Juutinen You Review Elite

dianeI know next to nothing about fashion, but what I do know is this: most famous fashion designers have led interesting lives, and interesting lives make for interesting biographies. This was definitely the case with Diane von Furstenberg – A Life Unwrapped.

Von Furstenberg’s story sounds almost unrealistic: born in Belgium as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she went on to marry a German prince and to gain the title of princess. Even as a celebrity and a member of the hard-partying international jet-set, however, Von Furstenberg was never satisfied being a mere trophy wife. Yearning for independence and achievements, to be “someone of her own”, she decided to become a fashion designer. And despite nobody believing in her at first, she ended up designing the now-iconic wrap dress and becoming somewhat of a fashion legend, whose career has spanned several decades.

Gioia Diliberto, who has interviewed not only Von Furstenberg herself, but also her friends and family, provides a detailed and quite exciting account of Von Furstenberg’s life and career. The book paints a picture of Von Furstenberg as a resilient woman who refuses to ever give up and who fights against the odds, whether it is to save her company from bankruptcy or to survive cancer. Her perseverance and gumption are very inspiring. And so, whether you are a fashion victim or, like me, someone the fashion police would probably love to lock up, you most certainly won’t find yourself bored by this book.

There’s an ebook of Diane von Furstenberg – A Life Unwrapped available here.

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