You Review: The Hand that Feeds You – A.J. Rich

Reviewed by Miriam Verhaaf

handfeedsyouA gripping story about an criminology student who becomes an victim herself. The story is interesting for readers interested in psychology and criminology. The combination of research and Morgan’s own story makes the book an original read for a broader audience.

The hand that Feeds You is a gripping novel about Morgan, a victim psychology student, who finally becomes a victim herself. The story starts originally with a questionnaire that’s used by Morgan for her research. The reader will find this question list on more moments in the book and this fits well in the story.

The first scenes in the book are intense. Morgan finds her fiance dead on the floor with her dogs circling around it. Are her dogs responsible for the murder? Morgan couldn’t imagine. This event grips the reader by the throat and sets him/her completely in the story. From that point we’re following Morgan in her search for answers and the way she met her fiance.

The writers write their story in such a way, that Morgan almost become her own test person. It is not a surprise that one of the writers was a criminology student herself. For her education Morgan researches a new type of female victim in women who volunteer in shelters. Morgan herself is a sympathetic and a kind of naive person. Sometimes you wonder if she does think about her own safety. In the story you get an interesting search in someone’s own personality and the effects of discoveries on Morgan’s personal development. The book also has a big place for Morgan’s dogs. And the relationship she has with those animals and her unbelief about what her dogs possibly have done with her fiance is impressive to read.

There is a constant tension within the story, thanks to the unraveling of the details about Morgan’s fiance. In the end of the book there’s a plot twist, what makes the story completely different. I’d wish that the writers had put some more hints throughout the story. That would have made the end of the book more convincing.

The Hand that Feeds You is an accessible and gripping read for readers who love the combination of thrillers and psychology. The main character personal development is convincing and attention for criminology research  is original. The writers though could give the plot twist some more attention throughout the book.

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