Gift Ideas from Jouke

ABC Gift Ideas 2015Every year we present you with our Gift Ideas: books, magazines, games or merchandise that we think would make great gifts in the December month.

This year we decided to introduce all our buyers to you at the same time.  That way, if you want an expert, you’ll know exactly who to turn to in which store.


Gift Ideas from Jouke 2015

Jouke works in The Hague, and is the buyer for the Early History, Law & True Crime, Film & TV, Science & Technology, Games & Tie-Ins, and Mysteries & Thrillers sections.

Gift Ideas on display in the picture above:

What items from the list above do you want to highlight?

Thing Explainer by Munroe.  It’s the new title from the author of What If?  A real bestseller.

Magicians of the Gods.  This subject, alien influences, remains interesting because it’s still unexplained.  I love watching those documentaries about aliens on TV myself, too.

The Edge of the World by Michael Pye.  He’s an English writer, but the great thing about this book that it spotlights every country that borders the North Sea, not just the UK.”

What soon-to-be-released title do people need to pre-order?

The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakened, of course!  And The Year of the Locust, the new Terry Hayes book. Although it looks like that’s just been pushed back indefinitely from the original end-of-2015 publication date.”

More buyers with their gift ideas will be presented on the blog every day. An overview post can be found here.