Gift Ideas from Nadine

ABC Gift Ideas 2015Every year we present you with our Gift Ideas: books, magazines, games or merchandise that we think would make great gifts in the December month.

This year we decided to introduce all our buyers to you at the same time.  That way, if you want an expert, you’ll know exactly who to turn to in which store.


Gift Ideas from Nadine, 2015

Nadine works in Amsterdam, and is the buyer for the Merchandise, Moleskines and Diaries sections.

Gift Ideas on display in the picture above:

Please note that a lot of merchandise items are not in our database for various reasons (lack of ISBN, for example), therefore no link can be supplied.  Come browse our shelves in the stores instead, to see what goodies we have available!

What items from the list above do you want to highlight?

“The DeafMessAnger 2016 Diary.  It’s a unique concept – “made from Prague” – and you can’t find these just anywhere.

“The Writer’s Block Pencil and Sharpener Set, because it’s funny and silly.”

More buyers with their gift ideas will be presented on the blog every day. An overview post can be found here.